Holiday week means turkey time for picks

Beth Dykstra

Everyone was feeling a little festive this week when it came time to make the staff picks. So, there was really only one fair way to decide the celebrities’ picks — Turkey Bowling! The Michigan Daily’s football writers bought a $6 frozen turkey (that looked a little less than edible) and rolled it toward two pieces of paper marked “Favorite” and “Underdog.” Whichever piece of paper it rolled over was the pick.

For the writers, Sharad Mattu has taken a sturdy lead and he tried to protect it by eliminating staff picks this week. Pretty weak.

The other writers have some ground to make up, and will try to use the Thanksgiving holiday to do so. Gennaro Filice had the guts to make up-and-down Northwestern his best bet in a game that promises to finish with around 150 total points. Everyone — turkey included — decided to ride Nebraska while it’s at home in Lincoln.

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