If you’re going to Columbus and have room in your car, help out Blue’s No. 1 fan

Michigan Football

The next time you’re in the Big House, Crisler or Yost, take a close look around the student section. Among the throngs of students, you’ll find the man with neon-yellow dyed hair and enormous maize and blue shoes.

He goes by the name “Crazyhorse” (he probably has a real name, but he wouldn’t disclose it), and for over four years he has been watching the big three, baseball, softball and countless other Michigan sports.

He says he enjoys watching games from the student section because of the passion the students always bring.

So what are his plans for this weekend? Well, he’ll be at today’s basketball game and tomorrow’s hockey game. But he also said that he’d like to be in Ohio Stadium, but doesn’t have a ride.

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