And then there were two. Chris Burke, Gennaro Filice and Bob Hunt insist they’re not yet out of the race, but they need to take a closer look at the standings.

Michigan Football

Why? Well, let’s put it this way: Sharad Mattu and Ann Arbor celebrity Jim Brandstatter did so well this week, they really should have spent the weekend in Las Vegas and not Ann Arbor. Both went 12-2-1, and now have a whopping six-game lead over Burke and seven-game cushion over Filice and Hunt. Burke, who has been at Michigan forever, says he can’t remember anyone ever having done so well in a week of staff picks.

This is why Mattu is a little disappointed to have to share the glory with Brandstatter. But the celeb deserves credit: He covers the Wolverines and the Detroit Lions, but still seems to have a pulse on the rest of the nation.

Hunt has put up his second consecutive mediocre week, which is actually pretty good considering everyone else is so unpredictable.

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