Each week, the Daily hockey “professors” will
analyze four aspects of the weekend’s action — offense,
defense, special teams and goaltending — and give the team
grades and comments.

Mira Levitan

A 2,885-mile trip to Fairbanks, Alaska wasn’t enough to
escape the watchful eye of Professor Schick, who observed his
students this past weekend in the “Last Frontier.” If
you disagree with his grades, tough — you weren’t


Offense 101: A-

The Wolverines remained constant with their scoring average of
about 3.3 goals per game. Gajic’s goal on Saturday was


Defense 210: B-

Solid on Friday, but gave a hungry team too many odd-man rushes.
When they should have closed the door, they left it open for a


Special Teams 357: B

The powerplay won the game for Michigan on Friday, but the
special teams killed them on Saturday, allowing 2 PP and 1 SH


Goaltending: B+

Al Montoya played tough all weekend, especially as the Nanooks
were constantly running him over. On Saturday, screens were his

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