Hype-meter rating: You’ll be a fine Michigan alum

Janna Hutz

This wasn’t your best by any means. But we’re hyped that the
claw is catching on the way it is – to even see the two-handed claw
was simply … well as Lloyd Carr would put it,

With that said, there was room for improvement. We understand
Homecoming festivities kept you occupied before the game, but when
the National Anthem is played, there shouldn’t be one-third of the
student section missing in action.

Also, those of you who tried to start the wave in the fourth
quarter … watch the game. The wave in the first place comes at
the worst possible times during the game (you applaud the wave when
something negative happens to Michigan … opposing teams’ fans
don’t need your help).

But, in the long run, Saturday was one of your better showings –
mainly because of the enthusiasm shown behind the claw (depicted
below) and the fire shown by those of you who stayed until the end
of the game.









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