Hype-meter rating: Sorority girls on cell phones

Minnesota was deafening at points … yeah, because Golden
Gophers fans were encased in a dome.

Minnesota had its largest crowd ever … yeah, and there were
still empty seats in what was its biggest game of the season.

Minnesota stayed until the end … yeah, and they booed their
team as it left the field.

Consider us not that impressed with Minnesota, and it had a
chance to stun us after a sub-par performance from Iowa. Pointless
spellings of “M-I-N-N-E-S-O-T-A” were impossible to understand as
one half of the arena would be on “E” while the other was mumbling
out “S.”

While this crowd was more vocal than most Michigan home games,
it was hardly up to what it could have been: Hence the poor ranking
and disappointment.

But … the food was good. And while we’ve never considered this
before, a good brat can make the difference when the crowd isn’t
delivering what it should.





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