You did some good things Saturday, but there were also some bad
things. On the plus side, it looks like the wave was never even
attempted. How’d that happen? Were you actually watching the
game and just forgot? And the sight of all 110,000 going crazy when
Ecker reached the endzone was simply amazing.

Janna Hutz

Another high note was the standing ovation for Edwards and Henne
when they nearly connected on that long pass in the endzone. But it
left us wondering if the student section would have done the same
if it had happened on its side of the field. Our guess is no.

The crowd still showed up when it mattered most, and we were
ready to give you a real good grade (even though you let out boos
three times). But that came to a end when a player told us that
Michigan barely has a home-field advantage and needs to make noise
all four quarters. So you’ve still got a way to go.

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