The Hype-meter is back by popular demand … Fine, it was fairly
loud at times during Saturday’s game. There were plays when
the defense asked the crowd to make noise —and you definitely
responded. But showing up at the end of the first quarter, and
leaving before a 3-point game is over is pretty unacceptable. And
then there’s the wave. Now the wave can be one of the more
entertaining things Michigan Stadium fans do. But you do not do the
wave in a three-point game in the third quarter. That’s it
… no excuses. The wave is something that should be done when
Michigan has the game put away — almost like taunting the
opponents. Look, the Michigan Stadium crowds are quiet enough on
their own without having everyone stop paying attention to the game
so they can stand up and swing their arms around. Iowa’s
coming into Ann Arbor this week, riding a two-game win streak over
the Wolverines. It can’t be a friendly atmosphere for them at
The Big House.

Janna Hutz

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