The Michigan Daily has wrapped up a three-week long process of selecting new managing editors and an editor-in-chief for the upcoming two semesters.

Two of the positions, editor in chief and co-editorial page editors, were elected at large by the staff of the Daily on Nov. 15. All other sections of the paper — news, arts, copy, sports, photo and design — elected their respective editors internally and the outgoing class of managing editors appointed the managing editor and magazine editor.

After facing multiple hours of questioning by Daily staff, Business junior Peter Shahin was elected editor-in-chief for the 2014 calendar year. Shahin, previously a senior news editor, said one of his priorities will be increasing the accessibility of Daily content.

“It’s not so much moving away from print journalism,” Shahin said. “We’re making sure that we appeal to readers on as many platforms as we can. So we recognize that although print journalism will continue to be a valuable core part of our experience here at the paper, we need to make sure that our content is accessible wherever our readers may be.”

Additionally, Shahin said he wants to work on ensuring that staff and coverage are representative of the diversity of identities and interest present on campus.

LSA senior Daniel Wang and LSA sophomore Megan McDonald, incoming co-editorial page editors, also said they plan to make the issue of diversity at the Daily their focus.

“I think it’s something we’ve just started to address as an organization,” Wang said. “It’s probably what’s going to define our terms here as editors, if not for other editors — I can’t speak for everyone.”

McDonald agreed, adding that one way that they’ll approach this goal is through establishing a different atmosphere at their editorial board meetings.

“It’s something where we have to create a safe space for discussion, because that’s what we want, but ultimately balancing that with trying to have a discussion and trying to get ideas out,” McDonald stated.

For newly appointed Managing Editor Katie Burke, a Public Policy junior, discussion will be a priority as well. Burke, previously a senior news editor said she plans to introduce an event hosting function in the newsroom to bring more attention to the Daily’s coverage.

“The goal of these events is to open up the Daily to the rest of campus and facilitate a discussion about whatever news is going on: get the reporters to be able to talk about whatever they’re writing about, get professors in here, just a variety of voices to kind of get the discussion going,” Burke said.

LSA sophomore Jennifer Calfas, the managing news editor, wants to expand coverage of research done at the University.

“I know our editors and our reporters on research are very well versed and have built great relationships there, so I think that’s very possible,” she said. “As well, we have a presidential transition over this next year, so that’s something we’re really going to focus on.”

LSA juniors Alejandro Zúñiga and Greg Garno, newly elected co-managing sports editors, said their primary goal is to support new talent in the section.

“The one thing we want to do is build a stronger foundation for our younger writers and less experienced writers, so that way when we leave this section, we’ve left it in a better place,” Garno said.

Zúñiga and Garno also said they wanted to expand the section online.

“We have all these people writing great features, and they come out in print and they look awesome — the design staff does a great job — but we want to translate that to online, because we feel like a lot of people aren’t going to pick up a physical copy of the Daily and sit down and read 3,000 words,” Zúñiga said.

LSA sophomore John Lynch and Engineering junior Akshay Seth were elected co-managing arts editors. They plan to change the way the B-Side — the weekly Arts inserted section — is edited instead giving that responsibility to the senior editors.

Newly elected co-managing photo editors, LSA junior Teresa Mathew and Public Policy junior Paul Sherman, said they also plan to make online development a focus.

LSA freshman Carolyn Gearig and LSA sophomore Gaby Vasquez were elected managing design editors. Vasquez said it’s important that the section collaborates with other sections to increase visual storytelling.

Gearig also said that she and Vasquez are would like to see at least one infographic run in the paper every week.

LSA junior Carlina Duan, newly appointed editor for the Daily’s Statement magazine, said her focus will be on increased interactivity with the magazine’s readers.

“I would specifically like to focus on expanding Internet content this year, and also just to have content in the stories that keep on pushing the boundaries and challenging students to view topics in unexpected way,” Duan said.

LSA juniors Meaghan Thompson and Mark Ossolinski, the paper’s newly elected co-copy chiefs, said their main goals will be bringing more diversity to the section and adding to the Daily’s style guide.

“That will definitely get some tweaks while we’re here,” Thompson said. “There are definitely times when stuff that probably should be in there, or we should have a style on, isn’t in there.”

Ossolinski agreed, adding that it’s traditionally been a responsibility of the copy desk to keep the style guide current.

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