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On Sunday, The Michigan Daily was notified that a Michigan in Color viewpoint, “My Name is Sahana,” bore striking similarities to another piece, “The Names They Gave Me,” written by Tasbeeh Herwees and published on The Toast. In response, we removed the viewpoint while we conducted an inquiry. After thoroughly comparing the two works and speaking with the author, we have decided not to repost the viewpoint.

Although our Copy Desk checked for overlap with other content published online, because the similarities between the two were not verbatim, the copy editors did not find “The Names they Gave Me” in their search. After having “The Names they Gave Me” brought to our attention, we decided that the analogous passages, structure, style, and tone were undeniable.

The writer has said that she was not influenced or inspired by “The Names They Gave Me,” but the similarities between the two pieces make it untenable to keep the viewpoint on our website as an original work.

Michigan in Color will continue to be an innovative space for and by communities of color at the University — an initiative that we’re proud to have at the Daily. While this situation is unfortunate, the phenomenal pieces published by our MiC contributors have fueled an ongoing dialogue about the role of race on campus and have been well received by our community. We will continue to support MiC as it provides a place for story-telling, healing, calls for action, reflection, and more.

Thank you for reading The Michigan Daily.


Peter Shahin
Editor in Chief

Kayla Upadhyaya
Michigan in Color Editor

Rima Fadlallah
Michigan in Color Editor

Jerusaliem Gebreziabher
Michigan in Color Editor

Michigan in Color is the Daily’s opinion section designated as a space for and by students of color at the University of Michigan. To contribute your voice or find out more about MiC, e-mail

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