In Hideo Kojima”s latest game, “Zone of the Enders,” gamers take the role of Leo Stenbuck, who fights off evil by commanding mechanized robots. The game features great graphics, dull gameplay … yada yada yada. The real reason gamers pick up “Zone of the Enders” is to get a hint of what the biggest game of the year will be like, “Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty.” The good news is that this game is going to rock.

Paul Wong
Aim for the balls…they”re just mechanized robots!<br><br>Courtesy of Konami

The demo begins with a 10-minute movie showing our mullet-powered, stealth agent, Solid Snake, enjoying a smoke as he walks down the George Washington Bridge. From here Snake pulls a 007 move as he puts on a stealth suit, bungy jumps off the bridge and lands on a freighter. Using his Codec communicator, Snake learns of the newest Metal Gear (for those video game players that just awoke from a coma, these machines are capable of destroying the entire world … oooo), and must make sure that it does not get into the wrong hands. As for the rest of story, it is not worth spoiling. In the final version of the game, fans of the series can expect more side stories and plot twists. Unfortunately, the final version of the game will not be released until October 15.

The most impressive aspect of “Metal Gear Solid 2” is the game”s jaw-dropping visuals and incredible atmospheres. Taking place in the middle of a storm, water flows naturally, raindrops appear to hit the screen and the ominous thunder will make you want to check the Weather Channel.

You might also want to check your pants because intense moments in the gameplay might make you drop a load in your jeans. Loyal to the style of its successor, “Sons of Liberty” it features all the suspense of being chased down by special agents. Fortunately, director Kojima did not make this game a rehash of the original. The game features many new tricks, including lunging like a bowling ball at enemies, hanging from rails and the ability to fondle posters of bikini-clad women (yes really!).

While these new elements are impressive, the most notable change to the game is the first-person mode. Gamers now have the ability to switch from over-the-head angles to a first-person perspective. This addition is especially helpful in intense shootouts. Also from this perspective, one has the ability to peer through lockers and cardboard boxes, threaten enemies by aiming between the eyes (or between the balls) and even shoot gun radios from the opponents” hands.

Overall, “Metal Gear Solid 2” looks to be the finest video game ever put together. With an amazing story line, unprecedented visuals, humor and much more, it looks to be the benchmark for games of the future. With the demo lasting about 45 minutes without skipping story elements, gamers will have something to help prepare themselves for the actual game launch seven months from now. And while you are it, go ahead and try “Zone of the Enders,” it”s pretty good.

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