During Red Simmons” career as track coach at Michigan, he helped many runners become champions. Simmons sees “togetherness” as the key to his former teams” successes.

At the Indoor Track Building on Saturday, the Michigan men”s track and field team came “together” with Simmons for a hard-fought meet.

Simmons may not know it, but he still motivates the runners. To senior sprinter Ravi Smith, “just seeing him here means a lot.” Smith, and the rest of the Wolverines, competed valiantly, gaining crucial momentum heading into the toughest part of the season.

The most thrilling finish belonged to junior long sprinter Jeremy Schneider, whom Simmons calls “one of the most exciting guys to watch on the team.”

In the 800-meter run, Schneider, who remained hidden in the pack for the first two laps, jumped out to a large lead going into the last 100 meters.

Schneider lost track of the other runners, and as a result, Ian Searcy of Central Michigan made his move.

“I heard “it”s gonna be a tight race” over the loud speaker, and then I felt a bump behind me,” Schneider said.

That bump was Searcy, who passed him at the finish line, causing him to lose by a microscopic .02 second.

“I got kind of off balance, and I tried to lean for it, but he just had a better lean than me,” said Schneider. The loss “has brought my ego down a little bit.”

Schneider finished with a personal best of 1:54.11. This was his first loss this year, after winning seven straight 800-meter sprints. Kevin Lamb claimed his first collegiate win, winning the 400-meter dash with a personal best of 49.86 seconds.

“We”ve been waiting for him to show his stuff and he finally did,” Warhurst said.

Lamb, who dominated the third heat, combined with Schneider, freshman Chris Yee, junior Ike Okenwa to lead the Michigan team, winning the 1600-meter relay in a time of 3:18.06. Michigan is undefeated in the event so far this season.

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