Since the release of “Superbad,” “McLovin” has become a household name. Along with other quotable movies such as “Old School” and “Napoleon Dynamite,” “Superbad” has created a seemingly universal jargon of new, sexually-laden phrases. “I Am McLovin” is a real part of our lexicon.

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But despite the universal sensation that has become “Superbad,” what’s still largely uncovered is the man behind the ID. His name is Christopher Mintz-Plasse, and he’s just like you.

Kind of.

Disregarding his fame and newly burgeoning wealth, Mintz-Plasse is a typical 19-year-old. He went to high school, too, and lives with his family (and dog) in L.A. He also likes to laugh, watch movies (especially “Fight Club”) and spend time with friends. Some might say he has the world’s best friends, in fact, as it was two of his high school friends who encouraged him to go to a casting call for “Superbad.” With only a few drama classes under his belt and a headshot taken via his camera phone, Mintz-Plasse made an unexpected jump into the limelight as he was cast in the role of Foggell. And McLovin was born.

Mintz-Plasse, who recently made an appearance in Ann Arbor to promote “Role Models,” his latest project, sat down to talk about fame, phrases, being greeted by a ton of UM students and of course, “Superbad.”

“We didn’t really think that it was going to be huge,” Mintz-Plasse said. “We were just improvising every day and we were actually telling ourselves, ‘We can’t believe we’re actually making a movie because we’re having so much fun.’ ”

The fact that he held his own among a cast of more practiced comedians in “Superbad” is telling of his potential to become a respected comedian in his own right.

McLovin fans can catch the lovable nerd in his next movie, “Role Models,” alongside Seann William Scott (“Mr. Woodcock”) and Paul Rudd (“Knocked Up”). The movie follows Danny (Rudd) and Wheeler (Scott) after they’re sentenced to community service at a “Big Brothers, Big Sisters”-like program. Mintz-Plasse again assumes the role of the lovable geek, this time through Augie, Danny’s “Little Brother.”

With the release of “Role Models” on Nov. 7, an important question evolves: Will Mintz-Plasse become Hollywood’s go-to nerd? And more importantly, will he allow this to happen?

“When I read the script and I knew (David) Wain (the director) was attached — I was a huge fan of ‘Wet Hot American Summer’ — I didn’t really care what the character was … I really just wanted to work with these guys.”

Incredibly humble and ultimately appreciative of his recent opportunities to work with some of today’s finest comedians, Mintz-Plasse is living the good life. He loves watching movies and now he’s in them.

“You know, it’s cool. It’s pretty overwhelming to come here and walk into a theater of 300 kids and they’re all just cheering for me,” Mintz-Plasse said. “It’s really awesome that I can bring laughter to all you guys.”

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