From action films, to intense dramas, to romantic comedies, Matthew McConaughey is a man who doesn’t like to be bogged down by playing “types.”

“If I’ve had one rule, one strategy I guess, it’s to mix it up, man. I really like doing different things. When I first got started, I remember writing in my diary, acting’s like all the ‘ologies’ but I don’t have to stay in class the whole semester.” In the wake of his recent release “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days,” McConaughey spoke to The Michigan Daily about his character and his views on relationships.

McConaughey is no stranger to the romantic comedy, but he felt the script for his latest offered a little bit more to male counterpart of the genre. “The guy in the romantic comedy is sort of the foil and the guy’s sort of in the middle,” McConaughey said. “But this guy (Ben) has his own ambitions – his own secrets. That kind of gave me a place to play offense and you don’t always have that in the male role in the romantic comedy.”

At one point, Ben spouts the cliche “All’s fair in love and war.” When asked how true this rang for the actor himself, McConaughey replied, “I thought about it after my last two answers and then I was like, ‘What exactly does that mean?’ I think it is pretty subjective to say what the hell that means. I don’t really prescribe to it, but I’m also not one that’s gonna’ cast it on someone who does.”

“How to Lose a Guy” is a type of war between the two main characters – a virtual tug of war of the sexes. Andie (Kate Hudson) keeps pulling and Ben just has to hang on. Both the characters continually deceive one-another, but it would seem the very game that each is playing is what brings them together in the end. “They get together because they both decide to play a game … we all play games.”

Spending time traveling in third-world countries, living on his ranch in Texas and taking road-trips, McConaughey, like in his career, doesn’t like to settle. His character Wooderson in “Dazed and Confused” asserts, “The older you get the more rules they are going to try and get you to follow. You just gotta’ keep on livin’ man!” It would appear as though these unscripted lines are McConaughey’s creed: “That came out of my mouth at that time. And the ‘Just keep livin’, that’s the name of my company – sort of my motto if I’ve got one. Ever since that night when it came out, I walked away saying, ‘That makes a lot of sense McConaughey.'”

McConaughey is a man who “just keeps on livin'” and feels with his relationships, “You gotta have your own time, whether it’s even your own mind time. There’s you, there’s me and there’s we. I know for me, if you can’t share the same space and still be alone with yourself if you want to be, then it’s probably not going to work out.”

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