Come January, LSA students shouldn’t leave their Mcards at home if they want to access campus buildings after-hours.

The University will complete its transition to the new Mcard system on Jan. 9, when after-hours access to all LSA buildings will be restricted to students and faculty who have the new smart Mcards. The new Mcards can be identified by the image of a key on the front of the cards.

Diane Brown, spokeswoman for the University’s Department of Public Safety, said only students, faculty and staff who need to enter certain buildings after-hours need to get a new Mcard. Many people, for example, only use their Mcards for access to Ann Arbor Transportation Authority buses, Brown said.

“If (students) don’t have any need for after-hours access to academic buildings, then they’re fine with their existing cards,” Brown said. “If they happen to be staff or faculty … same thing goes for them.”

LSA is the last school within the University to move to the new system. The Medical School has used a system similar for a number of years, and College of Engineering buildings on North Campus have operated on the system for about a year.

Brown said the new Mcard system is hardest to implement for LSA buildings because so many people who aren’t affiliated with LSA use the school’s facilitates.

On Sept. 7, students received an e-mail encouraging them to trade in their Mcards before Nov. 1. The notice also indicated that extra locations to trade in Mcards would open temporarily to quicken the exchange process. Despite the Nov. 1 deadline, students, faculty and staff can still exchange their old Mcards for news ones, according to Brown.

The Michigan Daily could not obtain the number of people who have already gotten new Mcards as of last night.

Under the new system, buildings will be open to the public until 6 p.m. Between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m., the buildings will only be accessible to those with new Mcards, Brown said. After 10 p.m., buildings will be closed to those without special access, which includes people who are members of certain organizations that use the facilities. There are some exceptions to these hours, like buildings that have computer labs, according to Brown.

Business junior Nikhil Kulkarni exchanged his Mcard to make it more convenient when entering buildings.

“This way, now I can get into the buildings after hours,” Kulkarni said. “I don’t have to always walk around to the entrances that are open.”

LSA sophomore Tanika Raychaudhuri also got the new Mcard so she could easily access the buildings.

“I just did because they sent out an e-mail saying that if you didn’t it might be hard to get into certain University buildings at night,” Raychaudhuri said. “I thought it might be good just to get it changed.”

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