Mavi Jeans A phenomenon virtually unknown to students before they come to the University of Michigan, these jeans are now a part of everyday life. Worn by everyone from honor students to sorority girls, they are made of soft denim and are almost as comfortable as sweat pants. They come in a variety of colors and designs and cost $52-56 a pair. With six styles to choose from, deciding which to buy can be a mind-boggling task. To alleviate this stress, I brought three different sized young women with me into Bivouac to try on and evaluate the various styles. The results of our observations allow me to now make several observations and recommendations about the assorted styles.

Paul Wong
Courtesy of Bivouac

The most common style on campus is the Molly. A slightly flared pant, it comes in both regular and stretch as well as in many different colors. Regular Molly jeans are tight in the hips and thighs and fit most figures well. The stretch jeans are a completely different story. The excessively long fly tends to make legs look shorter. Also, anyone with a smaller waist than hips will find that they leave a gap in the back of the waist.

The next style we tried was the Maggie. Similar to the Molly but with a larger flare, the Maggie is becoming one of the most popular fits. The larger flare creates a flattering, curvy silhouette that is unparalleled by any other Mavi.

Although the Molly and Maggie work for most girls, there are several styles that I would only suggest for certain body types. The Mia is a low-rise pant with a flare and two-toned stitching. It fits extremely tightly and is a little short, so no one should feel bad about having to go up a size. The Mariah does not have a waist and is cut incredibly low in the back. Also, because both of these pants were cut smaller in the back than the others, they look best on girls with smaller hips and backsides.

The final style we tried on, the Kate, is the only Mavi that I would discourage anyone from wearing. It fits like the Molly and Maggie through the hips and thighs, but has a complete lack of flare that gives almost everyone an unflattering pear shape. One tall, thin tester even found that she looked terrible because they were too loose in the knees and tight everywhere else.

Although girls” jeans are much more popular, there are two styles available for guys. The Max is tight in the top with a wide leg that looks flattering on most guys. Less attractive is the boot cut Matt, which rides high in the waist and is tight in the hips and thighs.

The comfortable denim of Mavi jeans draws many people in to test them. The wide variety of styles can lead to a difficult decision about what to try on, let alone what to buy. However, there are clearly some that are unattractive but also others that can flatter every body shape.

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