Every music fan has a list of things they hold dear to their hearts that few other music fans can say they’ve done. Maybe you grabbed an inflatable Superman from a Sufjan Stevens concert. Maybe you slept with Lily Allen (If you did, I’m sorry). Maybe you passed out in a CBGB bathroom stall and now have 17 diseases you didn’t know existed. Either way, they’re great musical feats to have accomplished.

For me, bucket lists just never get old, and there doesn’t seem to be a really good music-oriented list out there that doesn’t involve just going to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame or visiting the birthplace of Bono. Here’s an abbreviated list of the best things I think every music fan should do before they die. Some of them are more legal than others, so partake at your own risk, but I’ll buy a beer for anyone who actually punches Ryan Adams in the face.

Punch Ryan Adams in the face: Speaking of which, I really have no other way to put this nicely: Ryan Adams needs someone to punch him in the face. I’ve never seen him live, but from numerous friends’ accounts, he’s a complete ass. Between spouting cryptic words while holding a bottle of vodka to being blinded by stage lights and leaving a set after two tracks, Adams has pissed off too many people. So if you see him live, and hate it, punch him in the face. I’m pretty sure he deserves it at this point.

See The Flaming Lips live: I’m not even that big of a fan of The Lips, but their concerts aren’t even so much concerts as they are theater productions laced with LSD and confetti tubes. Sure, The Lips still play music, but there’s something awesome about Wayne Coyne rolling over a crowd in a huge hamster ball or Santas dancing on the stage next to naked women. Though the chance of suffocation from glitter and fake smoke is high, the lights and colors will at least make it a fun way to go out. Screw Radiohead — The Flaming Lips are the act you should see before death.

Sing karaoke at New York by New York’s Indie Rock Karaoke: If you’re not familiar with Indie Rock Karaoke, shame on you. It’s pretty much the greatest thing ever. Popular indie rock acts — last year it was The Thermals and this year it’s Ted Leo — act as a backing band for karaoke, and not just the group’s own songs, but rather popular karaoke tracks. From “God Save the Queen” to Journey tracks, really any song goes here. Singing Built to Spill’s “Big Dipper” with Hutch and Kathy is just too damn amazing for words. Even if you only get one song, how many people can say they tackled “You Really Got Me” with Ted Leo slaying chords? Just plain awesome.

See a legend in concert: Bob Dylan can no longer sing. But there’s no reason you still shouldn’t catch him in person if you get the chance. Sure, tickets will probably cost $200 and you most likely won’t be able to tell “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” from “Queen Jane Approximately,” but who really cares? You will have seen a founding figure of not just rock and folk, but of all music. Or if Dylan isn’t your thing, check out any of the other overpriced geezers still touring today — list not limited to just Brian Wilson, Madonna and Elvis Costello. If you pay $300 for a concert, you’ll like it.

Make a pilgrimage: Interested in the blues? Absorb yourself in the 12-bar blues style, find the most obscure Robert Johnson tracks and then take a week and go to the best dive bars and landmarks of the blues in Mississippi. Do the same for country and head to Nashville or stay closer to home and spend a week embracing all that is Motown. But for the real experience, go far away and find pieces of your favorite music that you never knew existed. If you’re a huge Cobain fan, spend a few weeks in the Northwest. Embrace music’s roots and you’ll probably be surprised at what you find.

Roadtrip to a small music festival: Sure, people love Bonnaroo. Even I can admit it would probably be a lot of fun, outside of the deluge of tie-dye and bong salesmen in every other tent on the damn farm. But there’s something redeeming about a smaller music festival that pulls in the proper crowds and only has one or two big, headlining acts. For the most part, the people who attend are people you’ll want to have a beer with and won’t try to slap you around for not liking Kings of Leon.

Attend Glastonbury: For as much fun as a small festival is, don’t fool yourself: The Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts in England is the king of all kings. Name a band in the world, and they will be playing at Glastonbury. Featuring Jay-Z, the White Stripes, The Who, Iggy, Pete Doherty and hundreds others in just the past few years, you have to go to this festival if you can even consider yourself a festival-goer. And it always rains — Woodstock-sort-of-mudfest-torrential-downpour-type rain virtually every year. Get muddy and get happy.

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