“Being on tour with bronchitis is a little tough,” said vocalist and keyboard player Matt Johnson, one-half of the dance-rock duo Matt and Kim, in an interview with the Daily.

Matt and Kim

Saturday at 8 p.m.
The Magic Stick

Though they’ve only played one show, Johnson and the “Kim” of Matt and Kim (drummer and vocalist Kim Schifino) have had a very successful tour so far.

After an announced swig of his codeine-coated cough medicine, Johnson explained, “It was excellent, which is bizarre for us because usually we play horribly on the first show on tour.”

Johnson said that the band sometimes has difficulty getting into a rhythm at the start of a tour.

“Maybe we’re just becoming professionals now and … we can just do it,” he humbly joked.

The pair plans to play a show at The Magic Stick in Detroit on Saturday, Sept. 18 at 8 p.m. They’re on tour promoting their upcoming album, Sidewalks, which debuts Nov. 2. However, the duo doesn’t plan to play too many new tracks.

Johnson clarified, “We have big plans of playing just the one song, ‘Cameras,’ but you know what? What I’ve realized, I’ve gone to see bands, and like, you know, and on stage, (they’re) like ‘who wants to hear a new song?’ and everyone’s kind of like, ‘Uhh I just wanna hear what I know!’ ”

But Johnson said this tour’s lineup will certainly not disappoint: “I mean, we have songs on our old album that we’ve never played and we tend to do things like little interludes of kind of covers. We have a bunch of new ones of those. So we’re keeping it fresh and still recognizable at the same time.”

Influenced by hip-hop and pop music, Matt and Kim incorporate their fresh and recognizable sound on their new album. Though the album was more professionally produced (2009’s Grand was recorded in Johnson’s Vermont bedroom), they still deliver the same endearingly poppy, computerized Matt and Kim sound.

“We’re big fans of pop music and hip-hop and so songs like ‘Good Old Fashion Nightmare’ and ‘Daylight’ had definite influence, and so we’ve even gone even further into that. Not that we don’t have more like fast, crash-y songs, and things like that, but we went further into that with Sidewalks.” Johnson continues, “It’s just very Matt and Kim.”

If you can spare the gas money, be sure to catch Matt and Kim in all their fast-paced, cutesy glory tomorrow night at The Magic Stick In Detroit.

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