Jack Black gets around. Famous for playing the “loser
sidekick” in movies, Black has had a large amount of success
due to his juvenile humor and portly charm. That is why it is no
shock that just as Black moved from the supporting to leading role
in movies, he and the equally bizarre Kyle Gass, together better
known as rock band Tenacious D, went from cult favorites to
mainstream icons, constantly pushing the envelope with their
outrageous music and antics.

Janna Hutz

Allowing the masses to see what Tenacious D is truly about, the
two-disc “Complete Masterworks” DVD set includes a live
performance from their Nov. 3, 2002, show at London’s Brixton
Academy. Accompanying the show are the concert-only video breaks
featuring, among other things, Tenacious D’s pilgrimage to
the desert to trip out on acid and riff. While funny, the skits can
become tedious in their length and their inability to go beyond
childish humor.

What many D fans will find to be the selling point are the
band’s previously unreleased-on-video HBO episodes. Though
the series never quite took off, many fans were first introduced to
Tenacious D through these skits. Episodes such as “Death of a
Dream/Greatest Song in the World” give an almost
“Behind The Music” explanation by showing just what
inspires the duo’s maniacal songs. In fact,
“Masterworks” also includes backstage snippets and the
making of and final product of each Tenacious D video. With clips
including a cigarette break with Dave Grohl wearing Ozzy
Osbourne’s horns and Jack Black’s complete randomness,
it puts MTV’s “Making the Video” to shame.

“The Complete Masterworks” is a comprehensive
catalog of everything a Tenacious D fan could want. By compiling
all material in such a way, the band puts forth a great
presentation of just what Tenacious D are about: sex, drugs, parody
and rock’n’roll.


Show: 4 stars.

Picture/Sound: 4 stars.

Features: 4 stars.





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