Breakdancing babies and ballet-induced deaths can only mean one thing — the Wayans family is at it again. Known for their outrageous and offensive humor, the Wayans have satirized everything from “The Exorcist” to midgets. With their latest movie “Dance Flick,” they look toward the dance film genre, mashing older standards like “Footloose” and “Dirty Dancing” with the latest wave of hip-hop influenced hits including “Step Up” and “You Got Served.”

In a recent phone interview, Shawn Wayans (“White Chicks”) explained that the reason for making the film now wasn’t based solely on the recent success of dance films.

“You’re not hanging every last scene on (those) movie(s) and it’s really just an excuse for you to have a good time with a particular genre of film. … The parodies that don’t do it that great try to be too topical,” he said.

Shawn Wayans helped write the textbook for the modern spoof movie with “Scary Movie” and “Scary Movie 2.” These films parodied the horror genre and led to many imitators including “Not Another Teen Movie,” “Date Movie” and “Epic Movie,” all similarly playing on the stereotypes and conventions of their chosen genre.

There’s not much respect given to the original movies that are spoofed, but “Whatever movie you’re making fun of, you have to love,” explained Shawn. “You also have to know what’s funny about them. … You handle it with class, that’s all.”

One such scene in “Dance Flick” shows Megan (newcomer Shoshana Bush) and Thomas (Damon Wayans Jr., TV’s “My Wife and Kids”), both aspiring dancers, discussing Megan’s dream of attending Julliard. Instead of the moment ending in a heartfelt kiss, Thomas pulls away because he sees a group of black girls approaching. He pretends he doesn’t even know Megan and proceeds to rattle off some random directions.

“Every brother knows and has known the time where if you did (kiss a white woman) in front of (a black woman), you would feel the heat,” explained Shawn about the possibility of the scene occurring in real life. “I think things have kind of calmed down.”

Damien Wayans agreed with the latter sentiment: “I say love is love. Obama’s in office now.”

Although the similarities to the Wayans’ earlier projects are abundant, a new face occupied the director’s chair. Shawn’s nephew Damien is making his directorial debut with “Dance Flick.”

“It was a new energy, a new experience … but equally as fun,” Shawn said. “Also, it was fun because … we all wrote together without a bunch of other people — just me, my nephews and my brothers having a good time.”

Even in his first film, Damien sees the value in the Wayans’ notorious family involvement.

“It’s one of those processes … you wish you could have all the time. And we had a blast doing it,” he said.

Their collaborative relationship, spanning across all facets of the movie-making process like writing, directing, producing and acting, is unique in Hollywood.

Shawn explained “We’re family members but yet we’re co-workers. There’s a hierarchy in both and (you have to) respect that and that’s how we navigate ourselves throughout the project.” “True dat,” Damien added.

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