Michigan Athletic Director Bill Martin will become the next vice president-secretariat for the United States Olympic Committee. Martin was the only candidate nominated for the position by the USOC executive committee on Friday.

He will formally take over the job after all 123 members of the Board of Directors mail in their ballots. His term lasts until 2004.

“I have accepted the position, it’s just a formality now,” Martin said.

Martin replaces Marty Mankamyer, who was elected USOC president in August. Mankamyer replaced Sandra Baldwin, who resigned in May after she admitted to lying about her academic credentials.

An avid sailor, Martin is president of the U.S. Sailing Foundation and also served as president of the U.S. Sailing Association, the national governing body of the sport, from 1988-91. For the last 10 years, he has represented sailing at the Olympic level, and has been a member of the USOC Board of Directors since 1995. This weekend, he was in Colorado Springs, Col., helping the USOC to choose New York City as its candidate to host the 2012 Summer Olympics.

“From a time perspective, there isn’t much difference for me now,” Martin said. “I am attending meetings as a member of the Board (of Directors) anyway, so it will just change which meetings I attend.”

Martin has served on a number of USOC committees, including the budget committee, but as Vice President-Secretariat he will primarily take part in meetings of the executive committee, which sets USOC policy between meetings of the Board of Directors.

Martin said that his only new official duties as vice president-secretariat will be taking roll and signing minutes at meetings of the Board of Directors. But Article XI of the USOC Constitution states: “Until the election of an individual to fill the vacancy in the office of the president, the vice president-secretariat shall act as president.” So Martin is just one “death, disability, resignation or removal” away from the presidency.

(Waiting for him to address this new information)

Despite his high profile in Olympic sports, Martin believes that his continued involvement in amateur athletics actually helps him to do his job better.

“My first priority right now is the University of Michigan,” Martin said. “But 22 of our 25 varsity sports (all except men’s and women’s golf and football) are Olympic sports, so there is a lot of synergy and carryover.”

Martin, a 1965 graduate of the Business School’s MBA program, has served as Michigan’s Athletic Director since 2000.

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