Famed trumpeter Wynton Marsalis is set to stir up the University with his mixed oeuvre of jazz and classical when he performs at Hill Auditorium tonight at 8 p.m.

Renowned in the jazz community, Marsalis’s sound ranges from the enchantingly eloquent to the wonderfully whimsical. Marsalis’s father Ellis and brother Branford are both respected jazz musicians. Still, with a Pulitzer Prize in music and multiple Grammy Awards under his belt, Marsalis’s mastery is undeniably more than just in his blood.

Marsalis is also the artistic director of Jazz at Lincoln Center, whose Orchestra, hailed by Howard Reich of the Chicago Tribune as “the greatest large jazz ensemble working today,” will join him at Hill. The Orchestra’s 15 jazz soloists add a unique blend of sound to Marsalis’s artistry. The backgrounds of the musicians range from Scotland-born saxist Joe Temperley and Detroit’s Cass Technical High School alum Ali Jackson Jr.

Ann Arbor is the third stop on the “Songs We Love” tour – Marsalis’s 11th visit to the University and the Orchestra’s 10th.

Followers of jazz will appreciate Marsalis and the Orchestra’s continuing loyalty to the University and relish the pairing’s inspired arrangements. The less fanatic of self-professed jazz lovers will be delighted by the better-known romantic classics, such as the Billie Holiday-lionized “Summertime,” that Marsalis and the Orchestra are set to perform.

Wynton Marsalis

Tonight at 8 p.m.


At Hill Auditorium

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