Warning: For those who have played “Rayman 2” on other systems, there is no need to read this game review you may now go back to enjoying one of the greatest games for any system in years.

Paul Wong
Rescue your favorite amphibian friend in “”Rayman 2″”<br><br>Courtesy of Ubi Soft

Now for gamers looking for the next must-have game on the Playstation 2, look no further than Ubi Soft”s latest game featuring the bizarre joint-less hero, “Rayman 2: Revolution.” Simply put, “Revolution” is perfect in every way from graphics and sound to gameplay.

In the graphics department, “Rayman 2” is the Rembrandt of 3-D platform games. Gamers are immersed in a world of bright colors and amazing visual effects that will make gamers feel like Alice did when she found herself in Wonderland. Additionally, the graphics in this game will make believers out of those who underestimated the power of the Playstation 2.

Adding to the atmosphere of an already amazing title is the sound in “Rayman 2.” For starters, “Rayman 2″”s soundtrack should be in a film, as the game tunes resemble those of Tim Burton films, such as “Edward Scissorhands” and “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” On the negative side, the voice acting is a little annoying at first. But once fully involved in the game, however, gamers will appreciate the different personalities, especially if one has had a few drinks during loading times.

Fortunately for gamers, “Rayman 2” isn”t just pretty, the game has personality to boot. As the bizarre character Rayman, your goal is to rescue your best friend Globox, a cute amphibian like creature with over 650 offspring, from Admiral Razorbeard and his minions of pirates. While the task seems daunting, gamers will have a variety of moves and attacks. Rayman can jump, climb, swim, shoot plasma balls and more all of which become easy to pull off with a little practice. Additionally, throughout the game are enjoyable experiences such as a level where you water ski behind a friendly whale, a roller coaster level and even areas where Rayman will ride an intriguing creature that is actually an atomic bomb. Finally the objectives, puzzles and bonus stages make “Rayman 2: Revolution” a memorable gaming experience that can be put in the same breath with other 3-D platform classic such as Super Mario 64, Zelda: The Ocarina of Time and Banjo-Kazooie.

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