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Students protest Athletic Department’s handling of student health

A student at the University of Michigan has created a petition to fire Athletic Director David Brandon. The petition has more than 10,000 signatures, and was followed by a protest outside that started in the Diag and moved to the President’s House on Tuesday night, which attracted hundreds of students.

The demonstration comes after Michigan football’s loss to Minnesota on Saturday. In the fourth quarter, sophomore quarterback Shane Morris — who by that point had sprained his ankle — took a hard hit and struggled to make it to the sideline. After fifth-year senior quarterback Devin Gardner lost his helmet on the next play, Morris was put back in for the ensuing play, resulting in booing and chants of “Fire Brandon” and “Fire Hoke” from the student section.

Many believed Morris was put back into the game with a concussion, which has resulted in an uproar over how the Athletic Department handles student health.

Tuesday morning, hours after a press conference with Coach Brady Hoke, Brandon released a statement that apologized for the mistake, saying Morris had a “probable, mild concussion,” a diagnosis given Sunday. Brandon went on to explain how the department will implement new policies to detect and handle injuries mid-game.

U-M student filmmaker wins $50k National Geographic Contest

LSA senior Charlie Engelman, a nature filmmaker, was selected as the winner of the National Geographic Channel’s Expedition Granted contest.

Engelman, an ecology and evolutionary biology major with a minor in museum studies, competed against 700 competitors across the country. As the winner, he will receive $50,000 to journey across forests in the United States in order to film nearly 30 short, science-based videos.

“This is absolutely amazing,” Engelman said. “The support I received from my family, friends, neighbors, classmates and professors was just incredible.”

After finishing winter semester, Engelman will hit the road in late spring or early summer, and will video blog his trips via Twitter and Facebook.

Around the World:

First case of Ebola virus reported in United States

The Ebola virus — which has killed more than 3,000 people in African countries — has finally reached the U.S.

Tuesday, the Center for Disease Control announced the first diagnosis of the killer virus on American soil. The patient, identified as Thomas Eric Duncan, is being treated in Dallas, Texas hospital.

Last week, Duncan returned to the U.S. from Liberia. He took blood tests Sept. 26 at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, where he told a nurse about his recent travels. This information was not communicated with doctors, and no Ebola screening was done. Two days later, Duncan returned to the hospital, was screened and isolated.

Wednesday, it was announced Duncan had come into contact with five children, none of which exhibit symptoms of the virus. Ebola is contagious, but only spread through contact with infected bodily fluids.

Secret Service Director resigns in light of White House breach

Wednesday, Secret Service Director Julia Pierson resigned from her position.

Pierson’s resignation came after a fence-jumper gained access to the White House two weeks ago, which has since put the spotlight on multiple security lapses.

The fence jumper, Omar Gonzalez, breached White House security and ran through much of the main floor before being subdued in the East Room. Gonzalez, a 42-year-old Iraq war veteran, was carrying a knife and overcame a Secret Service officer at the front door. No shots were fired, and the President and his family were not in the House during the incident.

Wednesday, Gonzalez pleaded not guilty in front of a federal judge in the District of Columbia. His next court appearance is Oct. 21.

In addition to announcing the resignation in a statement, Homeland Security Director Jeh Johnson named Joseph Clancy as interim director and stated he would appoint a panel to review security protocol at the White House.

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