In 1987, Oliver Stone made a movie where some Wall Street guy with a fancy suit made money screwing people over. Charlie Sheen was in it. It won an Oscar. And then Hollywood stopped caring about “Wall Street.”

Margin Call

Roadside Attractions

Then, the economy collapsed. Suddenly, Wall Street was sexy again. First came the BBC docudramas. Then the liberal ramblings of Stone, back again for another run at the trough. HBO did their obligatory true-to-life blow-by-blow. And now, on the heels of superior competition, we get “Margin Call.”

It’s “inspired by true events” in the same way that “300” was, which means almost none of it actually happened. It’s got all the Wall Street stereotypes down; busy “professionals” rush through Manhattan, splitting their time between strip clubs, exclusive (not strip) clubs and, on rare occasions, the office, where its all “uh-oh, we’re screwed!” followed by political shenanigans and unethical ways to get not screwed. There’s something about market cap and other, complicated financial terms that may or may not be properly used. And that guy from “Heroes.” He has a pen in his mouth.

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