According to unofficial results released last night, Sabrina Shingwani and Arvind Sohoni, the Michigan Action Party’s presidential and vice presidential candidates for the Michigan Student Assembly, secured victories in this week’s elections.

Shingwani, an LSA junior, and Sohoni, a Ross School of Business junior, won 1,730 votes, or 72 percent of the total votes in the election.

Kate Stenvig and Maricuz Lopez, the presidential and vice presidential candidates for the Defend Affirmative Action Party, won 580 votes, or 24 percent of the election.

Shingwani and Sohoni’s victory mirrors last year’s contest, which ended with MAP candidates Zack Yost and Mohammad Dar taking about 75 percent of the total votes.DAAP took about 25 percent of the total votes in last year’s election.

Write-in votes, which comprised 4 percentof the total vote, were tallied for non-candidates including Mickey Mouse, Barack Obama, Lloyd Carr, current MSA president Mohammad Dar and disgraced former president Zack Yost.

Rackham student Michael Benson, chair of MSA’s Rules and Elections Committee said last night’s election results were not official because candidates have until 6 p.m. today to file any grievances against the committee.

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