In her middle age, Diane Keaton (“The Family Stone”) has uncannily embraced the role of the liberated single female with grace and dignity. In casting the conventional role of wackily overbearing mother Daphne Wilder, Keaton makes for a natural choice. She seems to understand the struggle of loneliness, taking her emotional frustration out on others.

Jessica Boullion
Why would you want to see Mandy Moore when you could see living dioramas? (Courtesy of Universal)

But her influence here isn’t much of a help. Outside of mothers in the 55-to-65-year-old range with an affinity for cooking and a flair for the melodramatic, few may understand or appreciate a film like “Because I Said So,” an exploration of the connection between a mother and her three daughters. Youngest child Milly (Mandy Moore, “How To Deal”) has a particularly antagonistic relationship with matriarch Daphne, being single, promiscuous and capable of cooking a rad souffl

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