A curse plagues the halls of DC Comics when it comes to non-Batman cinematic renditions of their classic supertales, particularly in regards to its most iconic bastion of justice, Superman.

Man of Steel

Warner Bros

Director Zack Snyder has a dependably gratuitous and florid style, but the trailer for his upcoming “Man of Steel” is anything but, with whitewashed shots of a young Clark Kent frolicking in a meadow and a steely, bearded older version staring sadly out to sea (no, really).

It is refreshing to see a film of his churn out such a restrained, understated trailer. But the Malicky voiceovers and cinematography don’t do much to suggest a retaliatory response to Bryan Singer’s ill-received and action-lacking 2006 take on Superman’s saga. The “Steel” trailer might be visually beautiful, but there’s a lack of cohesion, and the tone is decidedly melancholy. There are no fight scenes or villain appearances. Clark Kent isn’t even seen in his Superman digs until the trailer’s final seconds.

Is it really so much to ask for a movie about one of the most physically powerful superheroes kicking some serious ass?

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