You can find them working together in the cozy cedar studio every few weeks: the older gentleman physicist and the ponytailed violinmaker, experimenting with filters, electric violins and, when fortune allows, the occasional Stradivari violin, the gold standard of wood-body violins.

Drew Philp
Curtin sets up for a test. (ALEX DZIADOSZ/Daily)
Drew Philp
Gabriel Weinreich (left) and Joseph Curtin record impulse responses from a Curtin-made violin. (ALEX DZIADOSZ/Daily)

To an outsider the union of a scientist and luthier may seem like an odd pairing. But the partnership of Prof. Gabriel Weinreich and Joseph Curtin may be exactly what the violin-making community needs in its strides to craft an instrument finer than those of Stradivari or Guarneri del Ges

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