Having a frenzied girl jump on you and lick your nipple while you and three of your friends perform live might not be an experience many college students have had, but for Justin Delay of the Most, it comes with the territory.

A band called the Most. Sound a bit conceited?

Delay is joined by Steve Yagley, Galen Stevens and Ben Heymer to round out a band with one of the most haughty names on the local scene.

However, according to Delay, the lead singer and rhythm guitarist for the Most, they’re just a few laid-back guys.

“We support other bands and don’t let any attention go to our heads,” Delay said.

Then why the name? It is a humorous story, because the name came suddenly.

“Well, we had a little trouble coming up with a name and there was this phrase with Galen used to always said when he was excited about something,” Delay said. “He would say something was ‘the motherfucking most,’ and one day we all heard him say that and stared at each other. Obviously, we couldn’t use that exact line, so we stuck with the Most.”

Before his senior year, Delay sang in a band called Switch, while singing tenor in the Roscommon High School Concert and Chamber Choirs. After Switch, which lasted for just a month, Delay went on to form Kinetic Kid with his younger brother Jordan Delay, and two best friends Keith Walsh and David Black. Kinetic Kid formed around the time of his senior year and allowed Delay to get in much practice with his new guitar.

“Being in Kinetic Kid helped me learn how to play guitar,” Delay said. “We were horrible at first and based in a garage, but I still gained a lot of experience and that’s all the matters because I have always wanted to make music. I forced myself to learn and was writing songs before I could even play them.”

Then came winter of Delay’s first year of college. He knew he had to find his musical calling on campus. Due to his determination and diligence, he decided to reply to a flier looking for a lead singer of a local band. Still, Delay’s inexperience resulted in extreme nervousness upon approaching his audition.

“I was a little nervous when I got there, but became more nervous as I approached the audition room,” Delay said. “I could hear them from outside and they were jamming as I walked in. I was like ‘whoa’ because they were damn good. I wasn’t sure if I could hang with these guys. But then I auditioned and won, so everything was okay.”

“Sometimes the guys joke around and say that I only won the auditions because I had all the equipment they needed like my own guitar, stands, speakers, lights, microphones and public address system,” Delay said. “They keep me grounded. I know I’m the front man and could have the tendency to let it all go to my head, but I always remember that I am the least experienced of the four. Plus, our personalities click; we’re all dorks at heart.”

In addition to having an outstanding time together performing, sometimes the band members find it hard to manage school and rocking.

“I feel like I’m always behind in my classes but who cares, it’s worth it,” Delay said. “I have invested a lot of time and money into this band and must enjoy it while I can.”

Being in a band for the guys is exciting and an opportunity they could not pass up. It is a full-time commitment.

“(Being in a band) is a labor of love,” Delay said. “It is like having three girlfriends with none of the hooking up,” Delay said. “The guys and I are really close; we’re four brothers.”

But the long hours of practice, the travel and the hard work all put

“The band has definitely made my college experience great,” Delay said.

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