The Maize Rage Party will drop out of this week’s Michigan Student Assembly elections today, Maize Rage presidential candidate Brian Chrzanowski said last night. As a result, Students 4 Michigan and the Defend Affirmative Action Party will be the only remaining parties in the race.

Chrzanowski said he will submit a letter, signed by all six Maize Rage candidates, to MSA Elections Director Brian Doughty today requesting withdrawal from the elections.

Ryan Shinska, head of the Maize Rage fan group, said the party had to withdraw because Maize Rage’s ties to the Athletic Department posed a legal problem. The department, he said, is not allowed to support political groups.

The Maize Rage Party has faced controversy in recent days after its campaign manager, Carl Pogoncheff, questioned whether it was appropriate that the leading presidential candidates for MSA and LSA Student Government are both Jewish.

Shinska would not say who made the decision to withdraw or whether the decision was made at the Athletic Department’s urging.

“We just felt that, at this time, this was the best decision for everyone involved,” said Nick Adducci, a Maize Rage candidate for LSA representative.

Athletic Department spokesman Bruce Madej said the Maize Rage name is owned by the department and licensed to the fan group, but not to the political party.

Because of MSA regulations, the Maize Rage candidates will most likely remain on the ballot, although they would not serve on the assembly if elected.

According to the MSA Compiled Code, candidates wishing to withdraw must submit a written request no later than eight days before the election in order to be removed from the ballot.

According to the code, candidates who are elected after withdrawing from an election “shall have the status of a resigned member of the assembly.” Doughty said it is unclear what would be done if Maize Rage’s presidential ticket won the election.

“MSA would have to deal with the situation, since it’s such a special case, if and when it arises,” Doughty said.


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