The Michigan Daily football writers break down the weekend’s stats that don’t show up in the boxscore. The defense-o-meter measures the intensity of the defense, the Carr-o-meter judges Lloyd Carr’s demeanor following the game and the hypemeter measures the fans’ game performance.

Morgan Morel
Morgan Morel
Morgan Morel

Defense-O-Meter: 4/4

The defense made last week’s poor showing against Ball State a distant memory. It held a solid Indiana offense to a season-low 131 yards on offense, including just 26 on the ground. That brings the season average to 30 yards per game.

Carr-O-Meter: 4/4

Carr was thrilled after the game, and why not? He’s steered Michigan to an 11-0 record heading into the biggest game any of us have ever seen. Now it’s time for Lloyd and his staff to get down to business gameplanning for OSU.

Hypemeter: 0/4

If it were up to us at the Daily, Indiana would lose its certification as a public institution. Saturday’s showing was atrocious. Michigan fans drowned out Indiana fans from the opening snap, and by game’s end, it was like a home game.

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