The Michigan Daily football writers break down the weekend’s stats that don’t show up in the boxscore. The Defense-O-Meter measures the intensity of the defense, the Carr-O-Meter judges Lloyd Carr’s demeanor following the game, and the Hypemeter measures the fans’ game performance.

Morgan Morel
Morgan Morel
Morgan Morel

Defense-O-Meter: 2/4

Twenty-six points against Ball State is straight -up pathetic. But keep in mind that nine of the points came off a safety and an interception, and 14 more came against the second team. But still … it’s frickin’ Ball State.

Carr-O-Meter: 3/4

In typical Lloyd Carr fashion, the coach seemed happier after a disappointing game than after a big win. He insisted it wasn’t a step back for the team and said he was happy that Michigan played a lot of young kids at key times.

Hypemeter: 3/4

The student section was still a little thin at the top, but by game’s end, it was much louder. One writer’s ears were ringing more from being on the sideline on the last drive than they were from the previous night’s Chili Peppers concert.

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