The Michigan Daily football writers break down the weekend’s stats that don’t show up in the boxscore. The defense-o-meter measures the intensity of the defense, the Carr-o-meter judges Lloyd Carr’s demeanor following the game and the hypemeter measures the fans’ game performance.

Morgan Morel
Morgan Morel
Morgan Morel


For the second straight game, Michigan’s defensive line spent the majority of its time in the quarterback’s face. And the run defense again dominated. Although Drew Tate made some big plays under pressure, we’ll still award four Woodleys.


Carr’s smile could have lit up a small city on Saturday. He seemed impressed with his team’s performance and regaled the media with tales of Bo Schembechler. Carr also discussed how much fun he was having this year. Go figure.


It wasn’t Penn State on a Saturday night, but it was pretty close for the Big House. The crowd made noise throughout the matchup, and occasionally brought an extra gear for big plays. Overall, a solid performance for a less-than-thrilling game.

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