Defense-O-Meter: Three of four Obis

This game was billed as a matchup between Michigan’s Barwis-ized defense and the traditional Big Ten bruisers on Wisconsin’s offense. At the end of the day, the Badgers had their arms at their hips. The Wolverines could have given up at lot more points in the first half, but they still allowed 200 yards.

Rod-O-Meter: Four of four Rich Rods

Rodriguez brought a towel to the postgame press conference because he was still soaked after getting a cooler dumped on him. He had the media laughing and he even asked his wife to help him answer a question. And long after the game, he stuck around the stadium to sign autographs.

Hype-O-Meter: Three of four Big Houses

This would have been four Big Houses, except for the boos as the team headed to the locker room. The block ‘M’ was better than expected, and the place was rocking in the fourth quarter and after the game. But there is rarely a good reason to boo the home team in college, and this wasn’t one.

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