Defense-O-Meter: 0-of-4 Obis

The performance combined two of the defense’s worst games of the season. Like at Notre Dame, it never stepped up when put in a tough spot because of a turnover. And like against Illinois, the Wolverines were frequently out of position and missed several tackles. Penn State averaged an insane 6.8 yards per play.

Rod-O-Meter: 4-of-4 Rich Rods

Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez was visibly angry after the game, sarcastically answering many questions. When asked about the status of redshirt freshman quarterback Steven Threet’s elbow, he said “I’m not a doctor.” He was annoyed by questions about the snapped winning streak and ranted about his frustrations.

Hype-O-Meter: 3-of-4 Big Houses

If Penn State fans consider Michigan to be their biggest rival, we expected it to be a bit louder when they knock off the Wolverines for the first time in 12 years. It was quiet early on, and all the promotions were way too gimmicky. The pink S-zone was pretty awesome, considering pink is one of the Nittany Lions’ original colors.

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