Defense-O-Meter: 0-of-4 Obis

The 3-3-5 didn’t seem to work so well. Michigan had trouble against the run. Maybe the Wolverines will want to try a 7-2-2 next week. But they weren’t so good against the pass, either. Maybe the 1-1-9 will work better against the Gophers. But their scheme will probably look like a 0-0-0.

Rod-O-Meter: 1-of-4 Rich Rods

After five straight losses, Rich Rod has been very terse in postgame pressers. His answers have become very short and sarcastic. This is almost the exact same as last week’s analysis…obviously he’s frustrated but it’s time to switch it up, because this shtick is still getting old.

Hype-O-Meter: 2-of-4 Big Houses

The students at Ross-Ade Stadium were forgettable and late-arriving (very Wisconsin of them, except without “Jump Around”). They were loud at the end, but we’d expect any respectable fans who just saw their team win with 26 seconds left to be a little excited. Next time, they should try to fill their student section more than 1/3 of the way before kickoff.

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