Defense-O-Meter: 1-of-4 Obis

The defense was put into a tough spot because of the Wolverines’ six turnovers, and it never really stepped up. The Notre Dame offense didn’t score in the second half, but that was probably more a product of the rain than Michigan’s defense actually playing well.

Rod-O-Meter: 3-of-4 Rich Rods

Rodriguez apologized to the media for taking so much time in the shower before coming out to his press conference. He probably could have used a few minutes in the shvitz to calm down a bit, too. Where did those unsolicited comments defending his program come from?

Hype-O-Meter: 3-of-4 Big Houses

The Notre Dame student shirts, playing off the famous quote by sportswriter Grantland Rice, said, “Outlined against a cold, gray October sky … Notre Dame will rise again.” And it was true — for 80,795 drenched fans, the dreary weather didn’t matter. They were raucous and had plenty to cheer about.

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