4/4 LaMarr Woodleys

It’s incredible that last year’s defense – with virtually the same players – was Michigan’s Achilles’ heel. After one sketchy drive to begin the game, the Wolverines gave Wisconsin next to nothing.

Mike Hulsebus
Mike Hulsebus
Mike Hulsebus

3/4 Lloyd Carrs

When a reporter’s cell phone rang, Lloyd Carr asked to speak to the caller. Clearly, Carr wasn’t too worried about his team’s slow start. He wasn’t as elated as last week, but he was quite satisfied with his defense’s dominant day.

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3/4 Student T-Shirts

As always, Michigan students strolled in right near kickoff, but clearly brought their cheering voices once they arrived. And the Maize Out worked better than anyone could have imagined – the Big House never looked better.

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