The Michigan Daily football writers break down the weekend’s stats that don’t show up in the boxscore. The defense-o-meter measures the intensity of the defense, the Carr-o-meter judges Lloyd Carr’s demeanor following the game, and the hypemeter measures the fans’ game performance.

Angela Cesere
Angela Cesere
Angela Cesere

Defense-o-meter: 4/4 LeMarr Woodleys

OK, so Michigan gave up 21 points. Let’s analyze. Seven points resulted from a four-yard drive. Consecutive blown pass interference calls caused another score. That leaves one legitimate TD by Weis’s vaunted offense. Amazing.

Carr-o-meter: 4/4 Lloyd Carrs

Lloyd definitely enjoyed this one. After losing more often than not in rivalry games the last few years, Carr finally got payback. You could see it in the press conference, when Lloyd broke out in a smile and even enjoyed a laugh.

hypemeter: 2/4 Student T-shirts

We immediately deducted a point when we saw blue shirts replaced green in the student section. The crowd wasn’t much more impressive after Michigan stormed out to an early lead. But it deserves credit for sticking around.

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