Date     Matchup/event

9/10     Field Hockey vs. Syracuse
Arbor     3 p.m.

9/10     W. Soccer vs. Syracuse
Arbor     4 p.m.

9/10     M. Soccer vs. Dayton

9/10     Volleyball vs. Eastern Michigan
Arbor     7:30 p.m.

9/11     W. Cross Country at Indiana State
Invite Terre Haute, Ind. 10 a.m.

9/11     Volleyball vs. Oakland
Arbor         1:30 p.m.

9/11     Field Hockey vs. Old Dominion
Arbor     2 p.m.

9/11     Football at Notre Dame
Bend, Ind. 2:30 p.m.

9/11     Volleyball vs. Florida State
Arbor         7:30 p.m.

9/11     M. Golf hosts Michigan/Radrick
Farms Invite   Ann Arbor   All Day

9/11     W. Golf hosts Lady Northern Invite
Arbor         All Day

9/12     W. Soccer vs. Boston University

9/12     M. Soccer vs. Detroit
5 p.m.


Both field hockey contests will be played at Ocker Field, just
off State Street.

Women’s soccer will play both of its games on the Varsity Soccer
Field right next to Ocker Field.

The men’s soccer team will play its first game at Saline High
School’s field. Its Sunday evening game will be played on the
Varsity Soccer Field.

Volleyball’s two matches will be played at Cliff Keen Arena at
State and Hoover Streets.

Men’s golf will play its invitational at the Radrick Farms Golf
Course at 4875 Geddes Road.

The women’s golf team will host its invitational at the Michigan
Golf Course, just south of Michigan Stadium.

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