The Michigan men’s soccer team only let the 1,276 fans who
attended yesterday’s game against Wisconsin worry for 3:44. After
an early Wisconsin goal, the Wolverines shut down the Badgers’
attack while unleashing a scoring stampede of their own en route to
a 4-1 victory.

Wisconsin’s Phil Doeh scored the game’s first goal, twisting and
kicking the ball while in mid-air into the right corner of the net.
But less than four minutes later, Michigan senior Kevin Taylor
opened the scoring for the Wolverines on a penalty kick at the 9:42
mark. Taylor smoothly placed the ball through the left side of the
goal as the opposing goalkeeper went leaping to the right.

“Usually you are suppose to pick a side and stick with it,”
Taylor said of penalty kicks.

“I saw the keeper move, so I hit it to the other side.”

Junior Knox Cameron gave the Wolverines a 2-1 lead, scoring on a
pass from junior Mychal Turpin.

The Wolverines then broke the game open, taking a commanding 3-1
lead when Taylor calmly converted another penalty kick 23:30 into
the contest. Cameron’s sheer size and strength made this penalty
kick possible. With the ball at his feet, he separated himself with
a little push that sent the Wisconsin defender tumbling to the
ground and broke for the goal before being tripped up by the

Turpin and senior tri-captain Mike White made the fourth and
final Michigan goal look easy. Turpin floated the ball in front of
the goal while White waited patiently for gravity to bring it back
down, before heading the ball into the net.

Throughout the season, Michigan has been able to bounce back
quickly from early deficits, and coach Steve Burns attributes that
to his players’ maturity.

“Certainly we don’t want to go down early, but we’re a team that
recognizes that it’s a 90 minute game and there is no sense of
panic when we go down early,” Burns said.

Wisconsin was not as strong a team as Michigan, and Burns was
proud of the fact that his team did not let the Badgers stay in the
game for long.

“They were like a fighter that was a little woozy, and we really
went after them,” Burns said.”It was a good sign of our maturity,
recognizing how to get after a team.”

The defeat of Wisconsin was the Wolverines’ second Big Ten
victory of the weekend, and it improved their record to 11-4
overall and 3-1 in the conference. On Friday, the Wolverines
squeezed out a 2-1 win against a feisty Northwestern team.

Sophomore Adam Bruh provided the offensive spark against the
Wildcats. Bruh scored both Michigan goals, the first two of his
collegiate career. Cameron assisted Bruh on both of his goals.

Although the game against Northwestern may have been tougher
than Michigan had anticipated, Bruh knows that in the Big Ten, a
win is a win.

“There are ugly games sometimes in the Big Ten, but you have to
pull them out, I was just happy I could come through,” Bruh

While Bruh has been playing more of a defensive midfield this
season and may not be expected to score much, he said it was good
feeling and was happy that it came in a conference win. He added
that the wait was long enough.

“It’s been a while,” Bruh said. “You don’t really think about it
because I’ve been playing a more defensive midfield this year, but
I was given the chance to attack from the beginning of the game,
and I just took advantage of it.”








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