Despite the biting cold weather, a great turnout of family, friends and even roommates came to support the Michigan men’s tennis team (4-5) on Saturday in their matches against struggling Toledo (3-6). Undefeated against the Rockets since the 1991-92 season, the Wolverines extended their winning streak to 13 matches with a gaping 7-0 victory.

J. Brady McCollough
Junior Anthony Jackson returns a blazing forehand against Toledo on Saturday. Jackson dominated his match (winning 6-1, 6-1), and helped the Wolverines anihilate the Rockets 7-0.

After suffering a loss last weekend to Wake Forest and William and Mary, freshly paired Mike Rubin and co-captain Chris Rolf entered this match revitalized. The two were able shutout Dipesh Rao and Todd Wojkowski, Toledo’s No. 1 pairing. With a final score of 8-1, the two Rockets were given virtually no opportunities to score.

“Mike and I played together last weekend for the first time and lost both matches, but we played well and came away feeling pretty positive,” Rolf said. “We knew we were on the cusp of breaking through with a win.”

This new dynamic duo certainly found its rhthym as a pair. Having a thrilling, yet seemingly effortless match, Rubin and Rolf served as an exemplary display of “first-rate” tennis.

“Today, everything came together and we got the victory,” said Rolf, who is 4-3 on the season. “Hopefully we can carry this through for the rest of the season. This gives us something to build on.”

Saturday’s events offered freshman Carey Rubin a chance to play in just his second match of the dual season. Outwardly calm and composed, Carey was well-prepared for the match.

Teammates commented on Rubin’s work ethic by saying it seems like he plays tennis 20 out the 24 hours in a day. The freshman is so dedicated that he was hitting with the machine before the team even arrived at the center.

Declaring many of Rubin’s serves as being out, Toledo’s Freddy Gomez was unsuccessful in trying to stir his opponent. Rubin contested Gomez’s calls by appealing to the referee and winning the greater portion of the numerous line debates.

But, the Rockets definitely needed something more substantial than mere mind games to throw Carey off his game.

Carey was triumphant in his match over Gomez, which ended with a fantastic tiebreaker, 6-3, 5-7, 1-0 (2).

In an awesome display of support, fellow team members ventured over to sit in the stands overlooking Rubin’s match after they finished their own matches.

Shouting encouraging words, they rallied around him and clearly demonstrated that comardarie is an important backbone of this team.

Affectionately called “Carebear”, Carey is not only the younger brother of sophomore Mike Rubin, but is also, fondly, the kid brother of the entire team.

The Wolverines stay at home for the week and take on Butler on Saturday at noon.

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