With the Michigan football team”s 20-0 win over Penn State on Saturday and Yale”s 32-27 loss to Dartmouth yesterday, the Wolverines are now the winningest team in college football history.

Paul Wong
More than 74,000 fans at Spartan Stadium watch a laser light show during the second intermission of the outdoor “Cold War” hockey game Saturday between Michigan and Michigan State. Inside: The intrastrate rivals ended the game in a 3-3 tie. Page 1B.<br><b

Michigan already led Division I-A in wins, but coming into the season, Division I-AA Yale had a one-game lead over Michigan, 806-805. Yesterday, Michigan claimed the lead outright for all divisions.

“If there”s one thing I love about Michigan athletics, I think it”s tradition long-time tradition,” Michigan Athletic Director Bill Martin said yesterday. “I think this is an indication of that.”

The Wolverines have 809 wins in 122 years of competition. Their .746 all-time winning percentage ranks second in the NCAA, .07 points behind Notre Dame, which, with 777 wins, is second in Division I-A victories.

Michigan”s first win came on May 30, 1879, against Racine. Coach Dave N. Detar led the team to a 1-0 victory in that game and a 1-0-1 record on the season Michigan”s second game, a 0-0 tie against Toronto, came more than five months later on Nov. 1.

The first game, held in Chicago, was seen by 500 people, compared to 107,879 fans who attended Saturday”s game at Penn State.

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