The takeaway of the Lumineers’ performance of “Ho Hey” this past weekend could be summed up in one word: deceptive. Much like the hit track itself (which is so deceptively simple yet catchy), the Lumineers pulled the wool over all our eyes, and managed to play a fun, stomping show in the process.

The Lumineers

Ho Hey

It starts even before lead singer Wesley Schultz begins fingering a twangy guitar and showing off his smoky voice. The camera pans to a stage adorned in glowing lanterns, a folksy band at its center. Get it? Y’know, because they’re the Lumineers.

And then you’ll notice that these front five musicians are the entirety of the band, with no backcourt drummer or effects specialist. And … is that girl — who looks like an awe-struck country gal — is she just standing without an instrument?
But still … even with just a guitar, a bass, a mandolin, a tambourine and a girl playing nothing, there is a depth to the Lumineers, an unexpected complexity. You can tell in the way the audience cheers before the song has even finished that the Lumineers are a homey comfort.

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