Where is the love? Not in Hallmark cards or in fancy Valentine’s dinners that encapsulate one person’s love for another, but in the beats that get you through the daily grind of a Tuesday.

One important tip: Do your best to prevent Etta James’s love goo from dripping into your ears on this special day. As unrivaled in splendor as tunes like “The Very Thought of You” and “The Man I Love” are, they may just lead to increased consumption of Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked.

Here we are, discovering the art of sticking it to Cupid. Whether you’re flying solo because of overzealous behavior, a busy schedule, the “emo-roco” (emotion rollercoaster) state of your last relationship or you are unsuccessfully playing the no-game game — a catchy phrase that means absolutely not trying and getting laid because of it — this playlist, titled Get At Me, is made for you.

You may consult last year’s V-Day special, Lullabyes for getting laid, if that’s the red-roses place you’re in. But if not, here’s an alternative that will put an endless spring in your step in an I-love-life fashion. Jam to the following 14 songs and feel gold, gold, golden today.

“Velvet Elvis (RAC Remix)” by Alex Winston hooks you with Winston’s stinging voice and follows up with an intense infatuation due to the endorphin-emitting beats ‘n’ bells.

“It Could Be” by Ella Riot rocks out, lifting your soul into a breezy funk made possible by the locally rooted sensation previously known as My Dear Disco.

“Need Your Love (feat. Ray Dalton)” by Sol invites a somewhat opposing theme to what I’ve been discussing, based on the track’s title, but this song is an essential item in a grooving toolbox.

“Feel Like I Do” by Vanilla drops us off in the British ’90s and leaves us desiring to stay forever.

“Sun Is Shining (Techno Remix)” by Bob Marley delivers an electronic-reggae moment that will surely get you craving that natural Vitamin D.

“The Dream (Prod. By The Official)” by Logic somehow makes you feel on top of your world even when you’re absolutely not.

“Fool for You (feat. Phillip Bailey)” by Cee Lo Green warms your insides with soulful bellow.

“Mr. Quiche” by Wildcat! Wildcat! masters synthesizers well enough to teach synthology. A hats-off to the three wildcats of L.A. for blending synths, percussion and vocals into an exhilaratingly luxurious track.

“Got to Get You Off My Mind” by Solomon Burke preaches just right.

“Pa Pa Power” by Dead Man’s Bones indulges in a haunting but empowering aura created by Ryan Gosling, Zach Fields and a choir of children. I wasn’t aware Gosling could become more desirable, but oh, he can.

“Sister Wife (Star Slinger Remix)” by Alex Winston. Whoa.

“Dogwalkers of the New Age” by Breathe Owl Breathe lives a more down-tempo life than other tracks on this playlist, but the band of Michiganders gets into a blissful groove that makes you shake loose.

“Up Up Up” by GIVERS welcomes a dip, skip and jive into the carefree summertime disposition that this Louisianan quintet of young musicians presents.

“Dance, Dance, Dance” by Lykke Li plays, and you just can’t stop shakin’ that booty.

Get At Me, designed to improve your mood no matter how elevated it began, is all about musical love affairs getting you through the day. Whatever today is about for you, engage these 14 upbeat tunes and celebrate it — happy days!

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