Along with Central Student Government elections, students will also vote for LSA Student Government’s representative positions online today and tomorrow.

LSA students, who comprise the University’s largest student body, will elect their student government’s next administrative pair and nine of the 19 LSA-SG representative positions for one-year terms.

LSA junior Caroline Canning, LSA-SG secretary, and LSA junior Melissa Burns, LSA-SG academic relations officer, are running unopposed for president and vice president. There are also 18 candidates running for nine representative positions this spring.

Canning said she and Burns, who have both been a part of LSA-SG since their freshman year, complement each other well and added their personal connections will help achieve the goals of their administration.

“What’s really nice about Melissa (and I) as a team is that we bring together the student life and the academic perspective,” Canning said. “One thing that Melissa and I have found throughout our time on government is that our government is connected to the right kind administrators to make these kinds of changes happen.”

Burns added that she and Canning have specific goals for changes in LSA courses.

“(One goal is) creating an economics course for people who are afraid of Econ 101,” Burns said. “As well as creating a new religion program.”

Though they are running uncontested, Canning said that has not deterred the pair from campaigning.

“We’re trying to treat it like we’re not running unopposed and that’s we really have been making the effort to go out and talk to people and meet with them,” Canning said.

LSA senior Jeff Larkin, the LSA-SG election director and the LSA-SG vice president, said there is good balance between freshmen and upperclassmen running in this spring’s election. He added that the 18 candidates have surpassed the average number for LSA-SG elections.

“It’s a great mix of people who have been on student government and people who haven’t,” Larkin said. “It’s amazing to see people that are really interested. It’s really exciting.”

LSA-SG holds elections in March and November to fill the 19 representative positions, but executive positions are only elected in March.

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