To maximize student input in the search for the next University president, LSA student government has created a survey to determine what qualities the college’s students seek in President Mary Sue Coleman’s successor.

Student government leaders e-mailed a link to the survey Wednesday. The survey poses six questions focused specifically towards the needs of LSA students and improvements the next president should focus on.

“This input will be instrumental in helping the regents choose the best candidate to lead the University after President Coleman retires in the spring,” the e-mail said.

LSA-SG President Sagar Lathia said leaders hope responses would demonstrate the school’s diversity.

“One of the biggest things I wanted to make sure that the LSA constituency got heard no matter what,” Lathia, and LSA and business senior, said. “It’s just to assure that LSA students could get their word out.”

Less than 24 hours later, a similar stride was taken through the office of the Central Student Government. As promised at that assembly’s Tuesday meeting, CSG President Michael Proppe sent an e-mail to the entire student body today, informing them of the upcoming student involvement in the presidential search process.

Last week, the University Council — a governing body consisting of student presidents from all the University schools and colleges — introduced a resolution that would create a student-driven committee to provide input to the University’s Board of Regents until the next president is selected. Organizers say student committee was created due to a lack of student representation on the regent’s Presidential Search Advisory Committee.

To aid the student committee in acquiring general student opinions on the presidential search, Proppe’s e-mail included a link to an additional survey and a hashtag to collect social media posts.

At the University Council meeting, CSG Vice President Bobby Dishell said survey results compiled by other schools, colleges and student interest groups — such as the survey administered by LSA-SG — would also be taken into consideration when the student committee compiles its final data.

On Sept. 26, members of the Presidential Search Advisory Committee will hold a public forum to solicit student input. While the newly created student committee would be tasked with presenting a report of their surveyed findings, approximately 30 other speakers from the student body will have the opportunity to speak at the forum.

In his e-mail, Proppe said CSG would choose 30 individuals from those who show interest to “represent a diverse group of speakers and topics” at the forum. If time permitted, additionally speakers may be called upon at the meeting.

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