You can make the Wolverine leave Ann Arbor, but you can be sure they’ll be back

LSA Student Government collaborated with Sophomore Initiative and the LSA Fall Theme Semester “Sport and the University” to host an alumni connections event titled “The Winning Play: An Alumni Connections Event,” where students were able to network with Michigan alumni currently working in sports-related fields.

The event allowed students to meet with seven Michigan alumni in small groups in which they were able to discuss their experiences on campus and their life after graduating.

LSA senior Rachel Rickles, who worked with LSA sophomore Julia Gips to plan the event, said the goal was to help students learn about what they can do with their education after they graduate.

“It’s important to the Academic Affairs Committee to help students understand what they can do with their degrees after leaving the University,” Rickles said. “We created this event to give alumni the opportunity to tell students about their personal undergraduate experiences and how those experiences shaped who they’ve become.”

LSA SG worked with the Dean’s Young Alumni Council to get in touch with alumni to participate in the event. In connection with the LSA Fall Theme Semester, the alumni that participated in the event all held careers within the sports industry, ranging from sports coordinators at universities to executive producers for sports networks.

J. Brady McCollough, a sports enterprise reporter for the Pittsburgh Post- Gazette and a former Michigan Daily sports writer, was among the seven alumni who participated in the event. He offered students advice about how to maximize their college experience.

“It’s really important to find something that you’re passionate about,” McCollough said, “Don’t think about money or what your parents want. Find something to do that you love and pursue it so you can make your four years here your best years.”

LSA sophomore Emily Haydel was among the students who participated in the event, and expressed how appreciative she was to have had met with the alumni.

“I think this event provided a wide range of alumni within the sports field,” she said. “All the alumni were so personable, and were really focused on answering all the questions we had.”

LSA SG members said they hoped meeting with alumni both inspired and got students thinking further about what their futures might entail.

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