In an effort to nearly double the number of students involved in LSA Student Government, the organization will begin holding interviews for dozens of vacant positions today.

LSA-SG hopes to attract about 40 to 50 new members and increase the level of diversity with the organization, said LSA-SG Appointments Chair Aaron Miller.

Currently, about 75 students participate in LSA-SG.

Openings are available on most of LSA-SG’s nine committees and for unelected associate representative positions. Those representatives must attend three meetings to join the organization, Miller said.

The Budget Allocations Committee and the Honor Council are the only committees reserved for elected LSA-SG representatives.

The committees available include Academic Affairs, Communications, Public Activities, Student Life and Multicultural Affairs.

Students interested in applying will have to rank their committee preference and then interview with Miller or Nick Tan, the assembly’s vice chair. Miller and Tan will then match students with committees.

Applicants will be notified by e-mail about their appointmentsWednesday, Jan. 30.

Miller said LSA-SG wants a more diverse group of members.

“Our Multicultural Affairs Committee is really being boosted, reaching out to student groups that may think student government doesn’t do anything,” he said.

The Multicultural Committee hopes to attract students who belong to organizations outside the Greek system.

When asked how many LSA-SG members belong to campus fraternities and sororities, Miller said the assembly is “heavily” Greek.

“The main thing we’re doing to increase the diversity in LSA-SG is going out to student groups that are traditionally underrepresented on campus,” he said.

One such group, Miller said, is the Office of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Affairs.

– Daily Staff Reporter Andy Kroll contributed to this report.

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